Bigg Boss 10, 22nd November Highlights: Sunny Leone Rules The House, Bani’s Team Gets Nominated!


Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 started with Sunny Leone enjoying watching housemates doing their tasks for the nominations. As earlier we revealed, all the power of nominations are in the hands of Sunny Leone.The housemates started struggling again with their tasks to make videos. Gaurav and Bani get into the bathtub to shoot their video for the task while Rahul Dev becomes the director. The trio shoots a romantic video for the nomination task. Bani’s teammate Manveer gets into the argument with Rahul and others over their points.

Later, Lopa’s team gets into action for their video shoot. Om Swami gets into the bathtub while Lopa and Mona join him. Om Swami leaves us splits with laughter with his fake and over the moon talks. As a part of the video, Lopa and Mona also hit him.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduced next part of the task. Both the teams start brainstorming for their videos and this time, they were given cut-outs placed in the activity area. Bani’s team goes first in the activity area to shoot their video followed by Lopa’s team. Later Sunny Leone entered the house and announced that Lopa’s team is the winner and she also got perfumes for the winning team.

On Sunny Leone’s request, housemates also played a fun task to enact Sholay scene. During the task, Manu addressed Sunny Leone as “mera maal”, which did not go well with Bani. She got offended of Manu using such words for a girl and also lashed out at him for calling her darling.

After Sunny Leone leaves Bigg Boss 10 house, Bani, Lopa, and Nitibha slam Om Swami for touching Sunny Leone without permission. The trio gets into argument with Om Swami.but h e defends saying that Sunny Leone had no issue with him touching. Well, another day ended in Bigg Boss 10 house with fun, arguments and much more.