Bigg Boss 10, 23rd November Highlights: Om Swami Threatens To Slap Nitibha, Lopamudra Tries To Steal Gold As Rohan Sleeps


Bigg Boss 10 housemates wake up to song “Sona Kitna Sona hai” hinting on the new luxury budget task of the week. Bigg Boss calls Lopa in confession room to give secret task. Both Lopa and Manu are given a secret task to steal gold mines from the treasure box. If they complete the task, they will be nominated directly for the captaincy task. On the other hand, Rohan became the king of the task and the housemates had to be workers. They had to collect gold mines and handover to Rohan. If Rohan successfully completes the task with housemates, his captaincy will be extended for a week.

Soon housemates start plotting and planning to support Rohan or no. On the other side, Manu and Lopa start planning about their secret task. In order to steal gold, Lopa tries to dance and divert Rohan’s mind but Rohan catches her and asks her if she has been given secret task. In a slot, turn by turn housemates starts digging gold mines. While everyone got their turn, Nitibha was waiting for her turn as Om Swami was not ready to discontinue his part of the task. Om Swami even tells Nitbha that she should remember that she nominated, this annoys Nitibha. Nitibha asks Om Swami to say sorry and the two get into an ugly argument.  Om Swami even threatens to slap her but Nitibha gives it back saying that she will slap him too. Stubborn Om Swami rejects to move out of the gold mine area while doing the task, which annoys Rahul Dev.

As the day 1 task comes to end, Rohan chooses to sleep outside near the treasure box.  Later at midnight, Lopa and Manu try to steal the gold from the box but as Lopa reaches the box, Rohan catches her. The two get into argument and physical fight over the same.

Well, tomorrow’s episode is going to be more dramatic after Rahul and Om Swami get into an ugly fight. Rahul finally loses his patience and slams Om Swami for his wrong behavior towards him. Om Swami also tells him that if he has guts that Rahul should hit him.