Bigg Boss 10: 24th December 2016, Salman Khan- Priyanka Jagga Tiff, Actor Gives Ultimatum To Channel!

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10, episode 70 starts with how Manu Punjabi nominates himself and convinces Om Swami too to nominate himself so that VJ Bani and Lopamudra Raut could meet their friends and family. Bani chose to meet Gauahar Khan for 10 minutes. She was so excited to meet Gauahar that she lifts her and hugs her. Gauahar then meets the other contestants in the house and advices Bani on a few things too.

Next to enter the Bigg Boss 10 house was Lopamudra’s sister. Since there is less battery left, Lopa chooses to meet her sister for two minutes. She breaks down while talking to her sister in her mother tongue, Marathi. Bhagyashree tells Lopa that their father has asked her to be respectful towards Swami since he is an older person, and if she can’t then just ignore him.

Salman Khan began with weekend ka vaar episode in an upset mood. The actor was quite angry and was trying to control his temper somehow. Salman asked Manveer to get a “dupatta” from the store room for Om Swami. Salman asked Manveer to seal Om Swami‘s mouth with the “dupatta” so that he wouldn’t interrupt him while he is talking.

He said that a lot of things had to be edited out and contestants stooped really low this week. They have abused left right and centre. He asks all the kids in the studio to leave the room so he could play the unedited clips of what happened in the house. He apologises to the audience on behalf of the channel and production house for airing what happened in the house.

This week, foul-mouthed Priyanka Jagga had crossed all the limits and even made some personal comments on Manu’s dead mother. Despite that, Manu managed to maintain his calmness and did not think worth reacting to Priyanka Jagga’s ridiculous stuff. In fact, Manu has come out strong after all this and is going stronger after Salman Khan appreciated him.

Salman Khan was seen praising Manu Punjabi for winning everyone’s heart by maintaining his dignity and handling all the fights inside the house. Salman says, “Who do you think is the man of the week? I don’t know who the best performer of the week is, but for me it’s only Manu Punjabi.”

Manu Punjabi gets happy and thanks Salman Khan for all the praises. Salman then says, “Manu you have proved yourself and the way you have dealt with the situations especially after your mother’s death, hats off for that.”

Salman then asked which contestant is Khalnayak of the week. Priyanka gets all the votes. Salman then asked her if she entertained people and she counter asks him whom she entertained. She was rude. While interacting with the contestants, Salman says, “Priyanka Jagga is the most aggressive contestant and also the one who abuses a lot on the show”

Salman reminds Priyanka when she told Swami that even if they stoop low in the show, they will do it in a wrong way. Priyanka then says that she never wanted to come back and how people in the house called her names and that she has only been insulted in the house. She says that Bigg Boss called her back in the show again and again only to be insulted. Salman then told her off and said that she had an option of leaving the show before going to the secret room.

With a lot of attitude, Priyanka then gets up and says she wants to leave the Bigg Boss 10 house, Salman asks her to sit down. They played an unseen video clipping. Salman then asks Priyanka if she thinks her aukaat is bigger than the show? He was shocked with her abusive language.

Priyanka reacts back to this and says, “I will do more”, This did not go well with Salman Khan and he asked Priyanka Jagga to leave the house. The Sultan star says, “Do not use this tone with me as this drama will not be tolerated here, please leave my home.”

Angry Salman also said that if Colors channel will get Priyanka Jagga in the house again, he will never ever work with the channel in the future. The contestants in the house were so happy and proud of Salman Khan that they all started clapping for Salman.

So Priyanka goes inside to pack her bag, Swami follows her and asks her to apologise to Bigg Boss, but she refuses. The contestants were so happy, they were celebrating at her leaving the house and they did not want to bid her a farewell. Swami was seen dragging her suitcase and other belongings near the door, despite Manveer and Manu telling him not to do so. But Swami did not listen, and the housemates said that he is not mentally fit.

VJ Bani was having a conversation with Gaurav saying that she didn’t really get affected with Priyanka leaving the house. And at the end, Swami looked upset while he is talking in front of the camera about all the disgrace he had to face. And the show ended there.

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