Bigg Boss 10, 8th November 2016, Episode 24 Highlights: Lopamudra Creates Fight Between Bani And Navin, Om Swami Challenges Housemates


Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 was an emotional roller-coaster ride both for the viewers and the inmates. The house witnessed lots of drama, fights and a real test of relationships during the nomination task. After stressful nomination task of 2 days, Bigg Boss announced names of the nominated contestant. 4 contestants- Manveer, Rahul, Navin and Lokesh have been nominated for this week’s eviction.

Amid everything, Navin and Bani got into a heated argument after Lopamudra made a wrong statement about Bani. The misunderstanding created by Lopamudra gave a rise to a new feisty fight between Navin and Bani. Though Lopamudra apologized to Bani, the things had turned down ugly between them. Also, Bani broke down over being portrayed badly for what she never said about Navin and other housemates.

Also, Bigg Boss got a new twist in the house leaving housemates exited. The barrier between the Celebrities and Indiawale have finally broken. Bigg Boss summons the housemates to inform that no there will be no “sevak” or “Maalik” in the house from now and that they all hold equal status in the house. Now that’s interesting to see how contestants play their individual game.

Tomorrow’s episode is going to be totally interesting yet exciting as Om Swami will re-enter the house from the secret room. As soon as Om Swami enters the house, everyone goes speechless. He even challenges housemates to stay till the grand finale of the show. Before Om Swami makes an entry in the house, Bigg Boss introduces luxury budget shopping where the housemates get an opportunity to buy their ration of the week. And guess what? Bigg Boss also adds Om Swami in the ration chart! Yes, In tomorrow’s episode you will see how housemates reject purchasing Om Swami and choose to shop their weekly food items. Now that too funny yet interesting to create a new drama.