Bigg Boss 10 Episode 27, 11th November Highlights: Bani Punishes Lopamudra And Manveer, Puts Manu And Om Swami In Jail


Bigg Boss 10 housemates wake up to the song, “Teri Galliyon” with singer Ankit Tiwari making a grand entry in the house through confession room. Along with Ankit, Tum Bin 2 stars Neha Sharma and Aditya Seal also arrive in the house. The celebrities interacted with the housemates and also played some fun tasks, making their morning surprising.

Later in the day, Manveer and Manu get into an argument after Om Swami tries to apologize them. But the duo looked in no mood to forgive him and also warned him that if he does anything wrong with them again, they won’t spare him.

As Bani is the captain of the house, Bigg Boss gives some responsibilities to her and it starts from bed shuffling. Bani shuffles everyone’s bed and during the discussion Manu himself asks Bani to let him sleep out. Manu’s decision upsets Manveer and Monalisa and the duo end up arguing with him.

Amid everything, Manveer gets into argument after Lokesh deliberately harasses him while he cleans the pool. Captain Bani comes to solve their differences but the argument gets ugly and out of control. Later as per Bigg Boss instructions, Bani chooses Manveer and Lopamudra for punishment and at the same time she chooses Manu Punjabi to share a good meal with her sent by Bigg Boss. Lopa and Manveer get into argument with Bani for not giving a valid reason to punish them. That’s not all, Bani then locks Manu and Om Swami after Bigg Boss asks her to choose two housemates to lock in the jail.

Later in the night, Bigg Boss introduces a fun task and while playing the task, Navin injures his hand and immediately he was given median treatment.  Housemates later continue to play the task, which creates another fight between Manveer and Lokesh.

Well, this episode was another dramatic and totally entertaining. In tomorrow’s episode, Salman Khan will be seen taking the cases of contestants, especially of celebrities.  Yes , finally, Salman Khan will be seen being the strict host that we were eagerly waiting to see