Bigg Boss 10 Episode 32, 17th November Highlights: Manu Picks Lopamudra In His Arms, Monalisa Gets Upset


As a captain, Bani asks Lopamudra to clean the jail properly. Lopa gives it back saying that she is cleaning it is already as perfect as she can. Another argument between the two erupts over the same.  Later in the day, Monalisa and Manveer discussion about the same to Lopamudra. Monalisa questions Lopamudra about what problem Bani has with her to which she replies saying that she doesn’t have an inkling about it. In fact she herself wonders why Bani behaves the way she does.


Later in the day, Bani discusses with Karan and Gaurav that there seems to increase favoritism towards Lopa from Rahul and Manu’s end.

Om Swami is completely entertainer of the house. In tonight’s episode, Om Swami shares his beliefs on rebirth with Gaurav, Lopa, and Rahul. Like always, Swami narrated the whole story to them.

As the week is coming to an end, Bigg Boss introduced new task for captaincy. Nitibha reads out the task and as decided by Bigg Boss, 4 contestants-Lopamudra, Karan Mehra, Rahul Dev and Rohan Mehra will be competing for the captaincy tournament. The first face-off was between Rahul and Rohan. On the other hand, Lopa and Karan had a face-off in a balancing task.


During Karan and Lopa’s task, Bani and Lopa once again got into the argument. The two each other called mosquitoes and cockroaches. That’s too funny catfight ever seen. Nevertheless, Lopa wins the task and competes ahead with Rohan. As she wins the task against Karan, Manu runs and picks her in his arms with joy. This upsets Mona but Manu convinces her later. As the day proceeds, housemates vote their favorite between Rohan and Lopamudra. Rohan wins the captaincy with 5 votes while Lopa gets 4 votes.


As he becomes the captain of the house, Rohan starts shuffling the household work of every housemate. In fact, he shifts Lokesh’ bed, which made her burst into anger. A lot of argument and discussion heats up among Bani, Lopa and Lokesh over their bed. Well, tomorrow’s episode is going to be like never before after Lopa and Rohan get into an ugly fight.