Bigg Boss 10: Hilarious Reactions On Monalisa And Vikrant Singh Rajpoot’s Wedding Inside The House!


So, as we all know Vikrant Singh Rajpoot stepped inside the Bigg Boss 10 house yesterday to marry his ladylove Monalisa. He stepped in the house with a sparkling wedding ring in his hand and went down on knees to propose Monalisa for marriage. Monalisa at first could not believe but then she jumped with joy. Bigg Boss then made an official announcement that Vikrant is here to marry Monalisa and the wedding will take place inside the house itself.

Well, since the news broke about them getting married inside the house, viewers are quite upset and have been raising questions if this is for the sake of publicity. The viewers have come up with various questions like what made Vikrant propose Monalisa for marriage after 8 years and that too inside the house, why couldn’t he wait for few more days and do the same outside and many such more.

Many have also expressed their disappointment that how makers have made fun of the reality show by turning into a “Swayamwar” and a daily soap.

Check out how Bigg Boss 10 viewers have reacted to whole Monalisa-Vikrant Singh Rajpoot’s wedding plans. The reaction seems to be more entertaining than anything else!