Bigg Boss 10: Is Om Swami The Life Of This Season?


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami is one and only entertainer on the show. Remember, you can hate him or love him but you can’t ignore him. Despite not participating in any activities, he surely knows how to grab the attention of the housemates as well as of the viewers. In fact, Om Swami‘s elimination came as a big shocker, considering the entertainment quotient he raised on the show. But the makers of the show did not get the real entertainment out of the show and put Om Swami in the secret room and was back again. Over the last  couple of weeks or we can say since he has re-entered the house, Om Swami has made everybody roll on the floor laughing.

The self-proclaimed Babaji is grabbing all the limelight over his funny antics and over exaggerated claims that leave everyone in splits with laughter. His remarks are totally cheap and silly but housemates choose not to take it seriously. Many in the house don’t consider him as a competition.In yesterday’s episode, he was even seen deliberately sleeping in front of Manu, Manveer, and Mona during the lockdown task. His snoring made us laugh out loud but it irritated to Manu and others.

There’s another instance, during one of the episodes, while talking to other contestants, including Manu PunjabiManveer Gujjar, and LokeshKumari, Om Swami said that a biopic of worth Rs 100 crore budget is being made on him and that the financiers are ready too. Pulling his leg on the fake and over exaggerated talks, Manveer and Manu asked Om Swami to cast them in his film.

In tonight’s episode, Om Swami shares his beliefs on rebirth with Gaurav, Lopa, and Rahul. Like always, Swami narrated the whole story to them. Not again, dude!

What do you think? Is Om Swami completely entertainer of the show? Share your views in the comments section below.

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