Bigg Boss 10: Lopamudra And Priyanka Jagga Get Into A Catfight And You Won’t Believe Why!

Bigg Boss 10 housemates surely know how to keep the house lively with their silly fights. In tonight’s episode, viewers will see another fight between Lopamudra Raut and Priyanka Jagga. As we all know Priyanka Jagga has a Ph.D. in doing drama and fighting for silly reasons. Once again Priyanka will create a ruckus in the house over breakfast. Not liking the already cooked oats and egg bhurji for breakfast, Priyanka complains to everybody saying that she can’t have oats for breakfast and would like to have parantha instead.

Since Lopa was not ready to cook parantha for Priyanka, Priyanka went and complained to captain Gaurav and asked him to request Lopamudra to cook parantha for her. As Priyanka complains to Gaurav, Lopamudra gets annoyed and what she did next is what every housemate in the house should do with Priyanka.


Like always, Lopa did not take Priyanka’s silly behaviour and got into an intense fight with her. Lopa tells Priyanka that there is so much of breakfast left in the house and that she will not cook parantha for her. Lopa then tells Gaurav and Rahul that it’s her problem that she can’t eat eggs and oats for breakfast. Is Lopa on a spree to teach a lesson to Priyanka?

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