Bigg Boss 10: Love Is In The Air For Manveer Gurjar And Nitibha Kaul- Watch Video!


With just 4 days remaining for the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10, the housemates gear up to play an interesting task called, “BB10 Mela”. Every housemate will be given one stall to be handled during the fair and have to keep entertaining their guests. As earlier we revealed, Mandana Karimi was the first guest of the task with Nitibha Kaul being the second.

All the housemates get surprised seeing Nitibha Kaul entering the house again but one person who could not move his eyes off from her was none other than Manveer Gurjar. Manveer looked very much happy and excited as Nitibha walked in. His heart blossomed as he saw his supporter Nitibha beside him.

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Later, Nitibha and Manveer spent some good time talking with each other. Nitibha complaints to Manveer saying he didn’t miss her after her eviction and even confessed that when Vikrant Singh Rajpoot asked him if he is missing Nitibha, why did he say “no”. Manveer then confesses his secret feelings to Nitibha saying that the heart she carried along with her during the eviction has “Manveer” written on it. Nitibha gives a surprising reaction and starts blushing!

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