Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi Makes A Shocking Comment On VJ Bani’s Mother!


Things are going worse with each passing day inside Bigg Boss 10 house after Rohan Mehra pushed Om Swami in the last episode. Om Swami instigated Rohan to the extent that he headed to push him strongly. and as a punishment, Bigg Boss nominated Rohan Mehra for the entire season. This was quite shocking yet depressing for Rohan and other housemates. Well, if that was not enough, Bigg Boss got another task in the house that will lead to new fights between celebrities and commoners.


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Yes, tonight’s episode is going to be another dramatic one after Bigg Boss introduces “adalat” task in the house. Manveer will be the judge of the task while other housemates have to justify themselves from the witness box over the allegations put by whosoever in the house. During this task, Manu and Bani get into an ugly fight over the comment that Om Swami had made on Bani’s mother in one of the episodes.

In one of the episodes, Om Swami had made a ridiculous remark on Bani’s mother that had left her furious to the core. She banged the doors of the house and even went ahead to push Om Swami when he tried to apologize her. Talking on the same topic, Manu Punjabi makes a shocking comment that has left Bani furious to the core. Wondering what Manu Punjabi said to Bani that has made her angry? CLICK NEXT TO KNOW!