Bigg Boss 10: Manveer Gujjar Finally Proposes Nitibha Kaul


As earlier we revealed, Bigg Boss introduced new luxury budget task of the week, called “BB Hostel”.  For the task,  Bigg Boss house was divided into two hostels, the girls’ hostel, and the boys’ hostel. The four pairs of girlfriend-and-boyfriend in this task are- Gaurav & Bani, Lopa & Rohan,  Manu & Mona and Manveer & Nitibha. Priyanka Jagga became the warden and Principal of the hostel while Om Swami became warden and principal of boys’ hostel. Well, the love has blossomed inside the BB Hostel already.

During the task, boys had to write love letters to their partners without being caught by the warden. Since past few days, Nitibha Kaul and Manveer’s closeness is quite evident and this task was totally a golden chance for them to express their feelings for each other. Though the two are just close friends and are not in love, the duo exchanged “I Love You” note with each other during the task. Yes, though a part of the task, it is going to be an adorable moment of tonight’s episode. The housemates go down the memory lane and live back their college memories like never before.

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