Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: After Monalisa’s Boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot Left The House, Here’s What Manu And Manveer Did!


The mix of celebrities and non-celebrities has resulted in more of clashes, fun, controversies, fights, arguments and some drama inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. After surviving 10 weeks inside the house, Bigg Boss 10 contestants finally get some joyous moments. As earlier we reported, Bigg Boss introduced the ‘Family App’ and its rewards will make each and every housemate meet one of their loved ones. The first contestant who turned up lucky was Priyanka Jagga. It was a heartwarming moment when she met her two sons. The two kids with their innocence leave back some cheerful moments.

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The next contestant who got a chance was Monalisa. Mona got a chance to meet her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot with whom is in a live-in relationship since 8 years. Tears roll down as Monalisa meets her boyfriend. Though little, the duo spends a good time with each other and Vikrant also clears some of the things to Monalisa before leaving the house. While Mona was happy and thought everything is fine, Vikrant Singh Rajpoot created a ruckus. Vikrant had a heated argument with Manu and Manveer. People who are closely following the show might know that Manu and Manveer had said to Monalisa that her boyfriend is quite attention seeker and despite being into Indian Cinema, his thinking is low. Referring to the same things, Vikrant gets into an argument with Manu and Manveer, who have been two support system of Monalisa in the Bigg Boss 10 house.

But what happened next is quite shocking and unbelievable. Manu and Manveer lost their temper and they could not take Vikrant’s blames. Wondering what happened such? CLICK NEXT TO READ!