Bigg Boss 10: Not Only Rohan Mehra But Even VJ Bani Strongly Pushed Om Swami


Bigg Boss 10 season has been one of the unexpected seasons so far. As we reported, Om Swami has created another ruckus with his nasty strategy to sabotage Rohan Mehra‘s game. During the last leg of the captaincy task between Manveer and Rohan, Om Swami tried to ruin Rohan’s game, which irked other contestants. Gaurav Chopra, VJ Bani, Lopamudra Raut quickly ran to stop Om Swami from intervening in the game.

Despite giving repeated warnings, Om swami continued with his nasty behavior. In fact, once Bani even pushed Om Swami strongly as he was trying to pluck flowers from Rohan’s land. When things got out of hands and in a fit of anger, Rohan headed to push Om Swami. After Rohan pushed Om Swami, Bigg Boss as a punishment nominated him for the entire season. This did not go well and upset Rohan went to lock himself in the toilet. So, not only Rohan but even other housemates had a strong reaction against Om Swami then why only Rohan punished?

As we EXCLUSIVELY revealed Rohan Mehra demanded Bigg Boss to let him quit the show and that he does not care about breaching Rs 2 crore contract.  Also, Rohan Mehra called Bigg Boss as scripted and said that he will take a legal action against them for supporting commoners despite knowing what is wrong and right. Rohan inside the confession room also says that they are being partial towards the commoners of the show and that every time celebrities have to suffer.


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