Bigg Boss 10, November 25 Highlights: Housemates Boycott Om Swami, Bani Caught Mona And Manveer Getting Cozy In The Bed


In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, as Rohan is captain, Bigg Boss asks him to take 4 names who he thinks are the worst performers of the task. As soon as Bigg Boss made this announcement, housemates break into laughter that how Om Swami is already the target. Later, Rohan takes Om Swami’s name and as soon as his name is taken, he gets into the argument with the captain. He shouts at the top of his voice saying that he won’t take the punishment. Rohan calls Om Swami “pagal” and the two get into the ugly verbal fight. Even Gaurav Chopra jumps in and slams Om Swami to mind his language. Later in the day, Rohan and Lopa also get into argument when he chooses to take her name as the worst performer. After much of discussion, Rohan took 4 names-Nitibha, Mona, Om Swami and Lopamudra.

The shocking thing was when Bani discussed with Gaurav and Rahul that she saw Manveer and Mona getting cozy in the bed when the lights went off at night. She elaborated the whole scene that how when all were outside in the garden area, she went to the bed and saw Mona and Manveer in a force like they were doing something. Like really? Is Mona playing a game with Manveer and Manu too?

Bigg Boss then brings punishment task in which Om Swami had to eat two slabs of butter. Another punishment was of being on stretcher whole day and Rohan once again chose Om Swami for the punishment. Another task was to go in jail and Nitibha was named for the punishment. She has to be in the jail till Bigg Boss announces and Om Swami has to be on a stretcher.

In order to harass celebrity housemates, Om Swami, again and again, asks them to take him to the washroom on a stretcher. Manveer later gets into argument with Om Swami as he tries to make him understand that he is doing wrong and his image is going bad. All the housemates get against him and try how to boycott Om Swami. Housemates get angrier when Om Swami says Rohan is “ganda khoon” and his “servant”.

Om Swami keeps repeating same throughout the day to harass Rohan. Bigg Boss then calls Om Swami in the confession room and tells him that his behavior and words are disrespectful. Bigg Boss warns Swami that he has no right to talk about anyone’s family or threaten anyone. But he continues to do it throughout the day.

By the end of the day, Shocking news came to the housemates when Bigg Boss revealed that for not following the rules of the house, the housemates will get no luxury budget of this week.