Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Hit By Audience During The LIVE Debate Interview!


Bigg Boss 10 troublemaker Om Swami managed to raise the TRPs and cash in big for the reality show. After his ridiculous act, the makers of the show kicked him out of the house and it seems, Om Swami is unstoppable even outside. The self-proclaimed Godman is creating a ruckus outside the house with his controversial statements about his fellow contestants. Swami Om has been using cheap gimmicks in the name of entertainment and we wonder what makes the TV news channel call him on their show? Is Om Swami worth of taking an interview and given free publicity? Does he deserve any kind of attention to what he has done with the women of Bigg Boss 10 house?

Well, Om Swami has again created a controversy with his cheap tactics and this time, in front of the audiences on the National Television LIVE! A news channel called Om swami for a debate discussion where numbers of other self-proclaimed Godmen were present along with the live audience. After a long debate, Om Swami got down into an argument with a lady who asked him a question regarding his stints in the Bigg Boss 10 house. Om Swami’s reaction was so disgusting and he went on to make some personal comments on her. The lady stood up and said that she will slap Om Swami. Om Swami too got up and was heading to hit the woman during which other supporters of him stood up to defend him. This created a stir on the sets, which was uncontrollable.

The anchor of the LIVE debate repeatedly gave warnings and said that such inappropriate behavior is not acceptable.

Check out the video below: