Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Accuses Manu, Gets Insulted In Return


After spending a couple of days in the secret room of Bigg Boss 10 house, Om Swami is back with a bang and has joined the housemates in the house. The self-proclaimed Swami had left housemates irritated with his continuous arguments and silly blabber. On the other hand, viewers were enjoying his weird and funny antics. Well, now that he is back in the house, we are sure the drama and entertainment are going to be on another lever.

In tonight’s episode, you will witness a new drama in the house after Om Swami makes all the housemates sit in the living area. Om Swami starts making statements on Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gujjar over their fake relations with Lokesh and Monalisa. Swami says Manu is being fake about his friendship with Mona and that he has another close friend outside the house. He even tells Manu and Manveer to stay truth to Lokesh, who they call her sister.

After Om Swami keeps his statements and ends up getting into argument with housemates, Manu and Manveer insult him saying, “get away”. Looks like tonight’s episode is going to be fun-filled yet dramatic.

Watch the video here: