Bigg Boss 10: Punishing Rohan Mehra Over Om Swami’s Nasty Act Was It A Fair Decision Taken? Twitterati Reacts!


As we all know Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami has been embroiled in a criminal case that has been lodged against him by his brother Pramod Jha. In fact, two days before the show started, Om swami was sent non-bailable notice but he did not visit the court in Delhi. After Delhi Court had issued a non-bailable warrant against him, Om Swami made an emergency exit to appear in Court on December 3. The makers got him back on the show despite knowing about his ongoing cases. In fact, he is also accused of keeping obscene pictures of women which he uses to blackmail and extort money from them.

Well, since day 1, Om Swami along with Priyanka Jagga gave sleepless nights to the fellow contestants. He has made personal remarks on the women and has also tried threatening the housemates. Om swami has done it all in last 10 weeks but despite that he is surviving on the show like a boss. Is Om Swami helping to cash in big and raise the TRPs of the show? Is he in the house only to create havoc and spice up the content of the show?

In the last episode, Om Swami tried to strangle Rohan Mehra during the captaincy task “toofan”. He even tried to sabotage Rohan‘s game during the last leg of the captaincy against Manveer. Things turned out of control after Om Swami interrupted in Rohan’s game. Rohan lost his cool and headed to push Om Swami strongly. Rohan pushed Om Swami with his hands but he has been accused of slapping. As a punishment, Rohan has been punished and nominated for the entire season. This has left him upset to the core.

Rohan Mehra demanded Bigg Boss to let him quit the show and that he does not care about breaching Rs 2 crore contract. Also, Rohan Mehra called Bigg Boss as scripted and also said that he will take a legal action against them for supporting commoners despite knowing what is wrong and right. Rohan inside the confession room also says that they are being partial towards the commoners of the show and that every time celebrities have to suffer.

This was kind of a bitter truth said by Rohan Mehra to Bigg Boss?  Well, nobody better than you can decide if Bigg Boss is being fair enough with the decisions and that if Om Swami should be allowed to stay in the house or no. Share your views in the comments section below.

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