Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra Claims Bigg Boss Wants To Create His Fight With Manveer And Manu!


As we saw in the recent weekend ka vaar episode, Sonakshi Sinha and Manish Paul entered the house and the duo played some fun tasks with the contestants. As it was Christmas, the contestants were quite in the joyous but the game was not literally happening for the some. Sonakshi played a ‘truth’ task with the housemates in which each one had to judge what controversial statement was said about them and by whom.

As we all know, fights, controversies, arguments, and drama are a part of the reality show Bigg Boss. With no connection to the outer world, the housemates sometimes get frustrated and say some things that they don’t intend to and sometimes situations make them react. Weeks ago, Rohan Mehra had said that Manveer is supporting Priyanka Jagga for the captaincy as Manu Punjabi is out of the house. Rohan said that statement some 4 weeks ago but the past was got back on the weekend ka vaar episode.

The same thing was brought again during the task played by Sonakshi Sinha. After the guests had left the house, Rohan confront to Manveer that what he said was weeks ago and that he had said the same in open to everyone. To which Manveer reacted saying that he is all fine with what he said and that he is literally not upset. Rohan adds on to this that Bigg Boss makers are trying to create a fight between them and that it makes no sense to bring in something that was said weeks ago. That’s too blunt and straightforward by Rohan!

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