Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan Is Going To Give A Major SHOCK To Manu Punjabi And Mona Lisa!


The growing closeness between Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa is quite evident since day 1. The two are seen spending much of the time together in the house. But hold on, they address their closeness as “friendship”. Yes, right! Anyway, while the two are enjoying being in the limelight, Manu and Mona are not aware of what’s happening outside the house and that their personal life is at the stake.

Recently, in an interview with a leading tabloid, Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant Singh revealed that he is quite upset with this and that he is now confused about his relationship with Monalisa. He also said that how he wanted to marry Mona but now he is confused about it. Vikrant also added saying that how difficult it is for him and his family to watch the show.

On the other hand, in the recent interview with a leading daily, Manu’s fiancé Priya Saini called Mona “despo” and also said that Mona is surviving in the house only because of Manu and Manveer. She also added saying that Manu is such friendly with his female friends off-screen also, its Monalisa who is trying to get close to her fiancé Manu by hugging and kissing him.