Bigg Boss 10: Shocking! Rohan Mehra Gets Death Threat

Bigg Boss 10 game is not getting serious inside the house but also outside the house. The results of brickbats, arguments, and fights among the housemates are seen outside the house and little did anyone know that Rohan Mehra can receive death threats. Well, arguments and verbal fights inside the Bigg Boss 10 house is quite normal and the housemates forget and become friends the next moment. The huge fight between Rohan and Manveer during the ‘Lock Down’ task had shaken the house and is one that we are referring to.

The argument between the two happened after Manveer called Rohan ‘Chhamak Chhallo’. Not sitting quite, Rohan hit back by telling Manveer that he was a shame to his community.


The argument went way too ugly that Bigg Boss had to sort their fight. Though the two moved on but it seems, Manveer’s supporters have taken their fight seriously.

A few young Gujjar community boys’ have threatened Rohan for insulting Manveer and have given a death threat to Rohan if he ever attempted to come down to Delhi.

Watch the video of Manveer’s supporters threatening Rohan!