Bigg Boss 10: Twitterati’s Reaction To VJ Bani’s Rude Behaviour With Salman Khan Will Shock You!


In the wake of the dismissal of Swami Om from the Bigg Boss 10 house, star host Salman Khan begins the weekend ka vaar episode on a very angry note. The actor strongly expressed his anger and said that good the makers took the step of removing him or else he would have entered the house and slapped Om Swami. Salman Khan also appreciated the contestants for handling Om Swami and the situation in a right way. Everything was going fine until VJ Bani expressed her anger over Om Swami’s act. She was also highly disappointed as she can’t become the captain of the house for not wearing the mic for 18 hours.

Salman Khan questioned Bani for being irresponsible and breaking the basic rule of the house like not wearing a mic. He also says that she was very close to becoming the captain but due to her mistake, she lost the captaincy and immunity too. Hearing this, Bani gets quite aggressive and she talks disrespectfully with Salman Khan. She questions that how were her actions not justified when Om Swami threw pee on her. Despite her rude behavior, surprisingly Salman Khan maintained his calm and explained his thoughts. He even called her sweetheart and asked Bani to be strong before signing off the first episode of weekend ka vaar.

Well, Bani’s this behavior has left her fans and many viewers upset while many have accepted her this behavior considering the situation.

Check out below how Twitterati have reacted to  Bani’s rude behavior with Salman Khan!