Bigg Boss 10: We Bet You Might Have Not Noticed This One Thing On The Show!



The makers of Bigg Boss are trying their best to create this season grand and like never before. One of the highlights of the show is the new format as for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss 10, commoners have participated on the show along with the celebrity contestants. But one thing that we are missing in this season is ‘Airporty Jallad’. Yes, while Salman is the soul of the show,  ‘Airporty Jallad’ is his wingman.

Aren’t you missing the always-looking serious man who entertained us every week since past three seasons? He has always made his viewers burst into laughter but this season, it seems we won’t see jhallad anymore. Like every year, we expected some funny element on the show but the makers of Bigg Boss have disappointed us by not getting him this season. Jhallad is someone who we can’t wait to see on the show and hope, that the makers of the show get him in the next episode.

Meanwhile, the show is getting more interesting with each passing day. Commoners and celebrity contestants have managed to create the much-needed drama in the house. Also, let us reveal that Priyanka Jagga who was evicted last week, is coming back inside Bigg boss house soon!

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