Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan Wants Ranbir Kapoor To Vanish, Lokesh Gets Evicted And Much More!


Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar opened on a grand note with Salman Khan’s power-packed performance. Comedian stars Siddharth Sagar also joined Salman on the stage for some laughter moment. The comedian raised the fun quotient of the show with his amazing one liners. That’s not all; the surprise package was when Alia Bhatt arrived to promote her upcoming film Dear Zindagi that also stars Shah Rukh Khan. After interacting with Salman on the stage, Alia enters Bigg Boss 10 house and plays some fun games with the contestants. Before playing games, Alia confesses that Manu Punjabi is her favorite contestant.

The actress played a game where the guys had to impress Alia. Rohan got tissue roll as a prop, Rahul got banana, Manu got a magnifying glass and Manveer got match box as a prop to impress Alia. None other than Manu becomes the winner and manages to impress Alia. In return, Alia sings “Ae Zindagi” song for Manu.

The housemates also play kabaddi with Alia. The housemates get divided into two teams, one of Manu and other of Rohan. Lokesh becomes the referee of the game. Alia Bhatt also surprises Manu and Rohan. Manu gets a call from his sister while Rohan gets a call from his father as a gift by Alia.

After much of fun, it was time for Alia to bid adieu to Bigg Boss house and join Salman Khan once again on the stage. The Udta Punjab actress also played some fun games with Salman. The actor showed a couple of pictures on the screen out of two she had to choose one each time. The first pictures popped out were of Ranbir and Ranveer. Alia had to choose one she would like to vanish and she chose Ranveer reasoning that he is busy with the shooting of Padmavati. But Salman had a different suggestion for Alia. He asked her to make Ranbir vanish and take away Ranveer instead. Now, we don’t need to tell you why he wanted Ranbir to vanish.

Amid all the fun tasks, it was time for the second eviction and none other than Lokesh got evicted after Karan Mehra’s elimination. Lokesh eviction left Bigg Boss 10 emotional as well as dull.

Tomorrow’s episode is going to be crucial as it’s time for another nomination task, to be conducted by Sunny Leone through TV.