Bigg Boss 10: Why Salman Khan Needs To Take Strong Action Against Priyanka Jagga And Om Swami On This Weekend Ka Vaar


Bigg Boss 10 contestants have survived 10 weeks inside the house but are equally going insane with each passing day. This is bound to happen when they have no connection to the outer world but moreover, anyone, Priyanka Jagga, and Om Swami have shaken up Bigg Boss 10 house. The duo has stooped to low and have time and again proved that they don’t belong to the category of “humans”. This week of Bigg Boss season 10 was insane filled with fights, dramas, arguments and much more. Well, finally, the week is coming to an end and it’s time for the contestants to face some tough questions by star host Salman Khan for their wrong doings.

Last weekend, Salman Khan slammed Om Swami for making a disgusting remark on VJ Bani’s mother. The actor gave a strict warning to Om Swami to behave himself with the female contestants of the house. But did he take this warning seriously? Om Swami crossed all the limits once again and this time, Priyanka Jagga became his partner in crime. Since she entered the house from the secret room with Manu Punjabi, Priyanka Jagga has slipped into her villainous avatar and keeps snapping housemates randomly.

The most disgusting thing that Priyanka Jagga did this week was making personal comments on Manu’s dead mother that left everyone upset in the house. She went on to say that thankfully she has a family and that some people are helpless as they have no family. Priyanka also said that not even few days to his mother’s death, Manu Punjabi has entered the house for the sake of the game. This did not go well for the other contestants in the house and they ask Priyanka to mind her tongue.

That’s not all, Priyanka Jagga also makes personal comments on Manu and Mona’s relationship. Joining her on the same was none other than self-proclaimed godman Om Swami.  The two gave sleepless nights to the housemates. In fact, there came a point when Manu Punjabi headed to hit Om Swami but he controlled himself.

Bigg Boss itself slammed Om Swami for damaging the property of the house and for making personal remarks on the housemates. He even threatened Rohan to ruin his face so that he can never work in his career. Do you think Salman Khan will spare him again for all these? Of course, he shouldn’t. It’s high time that Salman Khan takes a huge action against Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami for their ridiculous behavior with other inmates. The Sultan actor needs to give some reality check to both Priyanka and Swami like never before. Now it remains to see what stand Salman Khan takes against the duo and if this comes in the favour of housemates or no. Don’t you think the same? Share your views in the comments section below.

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