Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar’s Father Finally Reveals About The Secret Marriage!

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manveer Gurjar, who became everyone’s favourite in no time with his strong personality and honesty, emerged as the winner of the show. Little did anyone know  Manveer Gurjar will land up in a soup of controversies amid all the celebrations. A day after the grand finale, Manveer Gurjar’s wedding video and pictures went viral on the social media and fans went gaga over it. While his relatives claimed that he is married, Manveer refused to accept the allegations. However, now his father has spoken up about the whole issue and has revealed that Manveer’s daughter is staying with them.

Manveer’s father, 56-year-old Maharaj Singh, finally accepts that Manveer is married and said, “Yes Manveer is married. It happened three years ago, though Manveer wasn’t ready for it. But after one-and-half-years, Manveer and his wife started having certain problems. You know like the way it happens between husband and wife. I don’t know what, only Manveer can talk about it. But yes my daughter-in-law and their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter live with us. In fact, he spoke about his marital status on Bigg Boss,” he says.

Talking about his son’s health, “Manveer is down with food poisoning. It happened due to change in food habits. Inside the (Bigg Boss) house his diet wasn’t that good and he lost about 15kgs. When he came out and started having proper food at home, it affected his system. Also due to his busy schedule, Manveer is not getting time to rest.”

About the FIR, he adds, “There has been some confusion. We actually got permission for 15 cars, but if 1500 cars containing his fans followed him what is our fault? Given the fact that they’ve showered love and support on Manveer and helped him win the show, can we tell them no? We have met the Police and I guess, the FIR doesn’t exist anymore.”

On the other hand, Manveer has released an official statement regarding his marriage through a video. In the video, Manveer reveals that he married to a girl in 2014 but after 5-6 months, the duo parted ways as differences rose between him and his wife. Manveer had walked out of the marriage soon in few months after tying the knot. This is also said to be a reason why Manveer’s father was not on talking terms with his son.

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