Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan’s GK Is Worse Than Alia Bhatt’s! Check Out Her Blunders


Vikas Gupta asked a few general knowledge questions to Arshi Khan and she failed miserably!

The controversial house of Bigg Boss 11 is letting us see many fights and arguments. But what we usually do not get to see is the fun and masti of the contestants. It was recently when Vikas Gupta asked a few general knowledge questions to Arshi Khan and she failed miserably!

In an unseen video, shared by the makers of the show, we got to see how bad the 27 year old is at general knowledge. In the video, Arshi first talks about Bhopal saying that it is as beautiful as Delhi. As Vikas and Puneesh ask her the capitals of Madhya Pradesh, India and Delhi, she goofs up saying that Bhopal is the capital of Delhi.

Vikas mocks Arshi at this. And indirectly calls out to Alia Bhatt saying that Arshi is her very big fan. As we all know, the Bollywood actress was infamous for her bad general knowledge.

Mr Gupta then further tests Ms Khan by asking which is the heaviest – 1 kg of iron, gold or cotton. Arshi first answers iron, then gold. After prompted by Hina Khan, she says cotton!

Another blunder is made when Arshi says that Moon is the biggest planet amongst Mars, Pluto and Moon. For another question on the solar system, she avoids it by saying that she has not seen any of them. Talking about the countries, she says that Bhutan is in the country of Nepal. And the entire house runs after her, after Arshi says that Karachi is the capital of Pakistan!

You can catch the video here

Well, we would advice Arshi to go through some general knowledge questions after she gets out of the house.

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