Bigg Boss 11: Evicted Priyank Sharma Makes Revelations On His Fights With Vikas Gupta, Losing To Luv Tyagi And Much More!

Priyank Sharma bigg boss 11

It was kind of a shock for Bigg Boss 11 contestants to see Priyank Sharma losing to Luv Tyagi in the latest eviction.

As we saw in the latest Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar episodes, Priyank Sharma is the latest contestant to be evicted from the show. Priyank’s journey was kind of a roller coaster ride. From getting into a physical fight to being slammed by Salman Khan over body-shaming Shilpa Shinde, he managed to hit the headlines more for the wrong reasons. However, he learnt from his mistakes and got back in the game with a strong mind.

While the Delhi boy is planning to head back to the Capital to celebrate New Year with his family, here are some excerpts from his latest interview with Priyank spoke about his fight with Vikas Gupta, Divya Agarwal’s entry and much more.

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On his journey in Bigg Boss 11 house: “What a journey it has been! I am really happy that I reached so far and finally, I can say that I managed to complete my run in Bigg Boss 11. When I entered the show again during Diwali, I was bubbling with energy wanting to prove myself. In the course of time I enjoyed myself, made stronger bonds, also a lot of mistakes but I learnt from it all. I was down and depressed after being portrayed so negatively and there actually came a time when I wanted to quit the show. Thankfully I had Bigg Boss with me, who told me that the world knows that my heart is at the right place, it just that I need to be strong. I did that and today like a phoenix, I have come out stronger of the phase.”

On Divya Agarwal’s entry bothered him: “Not really. I don’t really want to discuss it much but Divya and I have shared a beautiful bond and I will always respect her. Before entering the show we had broken up but after what was projected on-screen, she had few questions and worries, which she tried to clear out and also publicly announce our separation. There is no hatred towards her and I am really happy for what she is doing in her career.”

On losing to Luv Tyagi in eviction: “I have no hard feelings losing to him. I think he has been really fortunate in the game and also it seems Luv is getting a lot of love from people and it is a great boon for him.”

If his fights with Vikas were fake: “We are friends and will always be so. What you guys saw on Bigg Boss was very much real. Everyone fights with their friends and have a different opinion but that doesn’t mean that we will end our friendship. As friends, we have always been there for each other while we both also played our individual game, there was no faking or game in that.”

His further plans: “2017 has been such a fantastic one with me participating in such big shows. And I am so happy that my fans have continuously loved me and kept me strong. I am nothing without them. I hope to continue doing some substantial work now and making a mark for myself as an actor. Bigg Boss has given me a life lesson to never give up on any situation in life, and this will always stay with me.”

His favourites for the finale: “I will play really safe here. I really think Shilpa ji (Shinde) and my two very close friends Vikas and Hina (Khan) will be the finalists and one would take home the trophy.”

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