Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Calls Hiten Tejwani A Spineless Man, Here’s How He Reacts- Watch Video!


Hina Khan loses her cool at Hiten Tejwani during ‘BB Day Care’ captaincy task in Bigg Boss 11 house.

Housemates have been introduced to the new captaincy task ‘BB Day Care’ in Bigg Boss 11 house. As we saw in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, the fun task slowly turned intense. The housemates came up with their own strategies to become the new captain of the house. Everyone started playing mind games as getting immunity at this stage is quite important.

Hina Khan and Arshi Khan express their wish to become the captain of the house after Vikas Gupta. While Vikas Gupta has Arshi’s captaincy power, Hiten has Hina Khan’s captaincy. However, Hina Khan got discarded from the captaincy task, courtesy Vikas Gupta.

Vikas Gupta planned a strategy to remove Hina from the race. As soon as the buzzer rang, all the housemates started running with their pram to the parking lot. Vikas Gupta blocked Hiten Tejwani’s way, thus, ousting Hina Khan from the race. Hiten Tejwani follows Vikas’s game plan and this leaves Hina annoyed to the core.

In tonight’s episode, you will Hina shouting at the top of her voice after Hiten and Vikas play mind games with her. She also calls Hiten, ‘a spineless man’. The TV actress also said that how Hiten’s wife was right to say, ‘be a leader and not a follower.’

However, Hiten maintained his calm and justified how it is a part of the game. He did not react much to Hina Khan’s anger.

Watch the sneak peek video:

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