Bigg Boss 11: Did Puneesh Sharma Just Give A Proof That Vikas Gupta Will Get Evicted This Week?

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Puneesh Sharma thinks that Vikas Gupta will get evicted from Bigg Boss 11 this week!

Bigg Boss 11 is just a few day from its finale and hence every house member is trying his/her best to make it to the finale week. The competition has become so severe that the contestants have forgotten their friendship. And the commoners have ganged up against the celebs.

This week, Bigg Boss has given a task to all the contestants which can win them a ticket to finale. The house members have to stand on the ranking stair with someone else’s bag. And at the end of the hooter, the bag of the contestant which is least in weight loses that round.

Till yesterday’s episode, we have seen that Akash and Vikas are already out of the game. In tonight’s episode we will get to know about the winners of the task.

While the task was going on, we saw Puneesh having a chat with Luv. He was explaining as to why he feels that Vikas might get evicted this week.

He said, “Whoever is supposed to get evicted, starts getting isolated four days before only. The person gets into a corner. Arshi isolated herself before going, Priyank did the same. And now Vikas is staying alone. I am telling you that I am getting this feeling.”

Meanwhile, it is also confirmed that the voting lines for this week are closed. So, there is a possibility that all six contestants are going into the last week. Or else there might be another task to decide this week’s eviction.

Talking about the finale episode of the show, it will be aired on January 14, this year.
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