Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta Lashes Out At Priyank Sharma, The Latter Reacts Unbelievably!


Inside the Bigg Boss 11 house, Vikas Gupta will be seen lashing out at Priyank Sharma!

This week Bigg Boss 11’s luxury budget task seems to have created a rift between many contestants. On one hand, Akash Dadlani became angry for whatever Vikas Gupta said about him. On the other hand, Vikas himself is not pleased with whatever Priyank Sharma did during the task.

This week, the house has been converted into a science lab for the luxury budget task. The workers in the BB Lab are experimenting on the robots trying to invoke human emotions in them.

In the task, the contestants have to make the opposite team’s contestant laugh, cry and get angry. They have to do so by their words or actions.

Yesterday we saw how Priyank surprised everyone with his bikini look. The contestant donned Hina’s blue polka dot bikini and it looked hilarious. He had also put on a wig and the TV actress’ robe. It was to make the opposite team laugh.

But what offended Vikas was that while doing so, Priyank was continuously saying ‘guchipu’. It is a term that the former uses for his mom and she uses it for him.

And that is why today we will see Vikas lashing out at Priyank. He will burst out at him saying that in the future he should never dare speak a word about his parents and family. He will also say that Priyank has stooped down to a very low level for the game.

What followed was something unbelievable. Priyank will be seen just ignoring Vikas and walking away from him.

Catch the video here:

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