Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar: Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharma Tortured- Watch Video!

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Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan will witness another dramatic night along with eviction

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar saw Salman Khan in bad mood. The superstar host gave his piece of mind to the contestants over their wrongdoings. The actor lashed out at Priyank Sharma for body shaming Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan.

On the other hand, he even took a class of Hina Khan for not stopping Priyank from saying such things on the television. The actor was seen in never seen bad mood on Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar. Read Here To Know What Exactly Happened: Hina Khan, Priyank And Sapna On Target Again, Akash Dadlani Leaves Salman Khan Angry!

Salman tried to mend ways between Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani. However, Akash Dadlani was in a mood to patch-up. He showed disinterest in playing ‘Sultani Akhada’ segment, which left Salman Khan angry to no extent. However, he controlled the anger and didn’t speak a single word. He chose to walk away from the activity area.

Now tonight’s episode is going to be a little dramatic, entertaining and stressful for nominated contestants. While Shilpa Shinde has been declared safe, Priyank, Hina, and Sapna Choudhary are still in the danger zone. One of the three will get eliminated in the special eviction procedure.

While you waiting to catch who will be evicted tonight, let us reveal Sapna Choudhary is already out at least votes.

Also, get ready to see entertaining yet serious ‘Jallad’ in Bigg Boss 11 house. He will be entering the house to torture the male contestants. Salman plays a fun game in which female contestants have to say ‘Ye’, which means Jallad will torture male contestants. As it is too cold in Lonavala, cold water was poured into the pockets of the male contestants. That’s quite funny!

Watch the sneak peek video below:

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