Bigg Boss 11: Zubair Khan Files Police Complaint Against Salman Khan, Says I’m Not Vivek Oberoi- Watch Video


Salman Khan slammed Zubair Khan during Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar episode. His angst affected Zubair to such an extent that he attempted suicide. What happened next is shocking!

For the first time in the history of reality show Bigg Boss, things have taken some interesting twists and turns in the first week of the show itself. Since day one of the show, contestants are constantly backbiting, fighting, abusing and what not. The weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 11 saw thrilling and never happened incident. For those who are not aware of what exactly happened, Salman lost his cool at Zubair Khan during Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar, which aired on Saturday, October 9.

Salman Khan was quite angry at Zubair Khan and slammed him for using foul language, especially in front of women and showing unnecessary tantrums inside the house. He was even threatening people to not fight with him, as he can be dangerous. All these things had left Salman Khan angry and he asked Zubair to maintain his attitude or else he won’t spare him once he is outside the house.

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After the incident, Zubair tried to attempt suicide by consuming some pills. He was immediately taken to a hospital in Lonavala after which he headed to Mumbai. Also, Zubair Khan is the first contestants to be evicted from the show after getting less votes from the viewers.

In a shocking turn of events, Zubair Khan, the contestant who was evicted in the first week from the Bigg Boss house, has apparently filed a case against host Salman Khan. The complaint has been registered at the Lonavala police station of Mumbai, claiming that Salman threatened him on national television.

Here’s a video of Zubair Khan addressing media after reaching Mumbai. While interacting with media, Zubair says that he is not Vivek Oberoi and that he will not spare Salman Khan. He also challenges Salman to do whatever he can because now his sister will fight the case against him.

Watch the full video here:

Also, check out police complaint filed at Lonavla police station: