Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula, Priya Malik And Mandana Karimi Disturb The Calmness In The House!


Bigg-Boss-9[tps_footer]Reality show Bigg Boss 9 is full of blame games and mind tricks. The contestants of the house are never tired of bringing in a new issue once a hassle is over. Yet again the contestants, Prince Narula, Priya Malik and Mandana Karimi have brought in a sense of spice to the mad house.


Mandana Karimi who is unapologetic to anything she does has for a change apologized to someone. Yes! Mandana who stands by her acts and never fails to defend herself has apologized to Priya Malik. Priya who is the lucky one to receive a sorry from Mandana is in no mood to take things lightly, the high headed Priya has refused to accept the apology taking the situation all the more forward.

Mandana spoke to Priya and clarified that she has no hand in hiding her shawl and doesn’t even know about the same. Priya on the other hand refused to listen to anything and said that she (Mandana) cannot fool her anymore. Well, just when Mandana was done with the sorry act, Rishabh commented that Mandana is a sadist.


Seems like, Mandana is all alone in the house without any support from the other inmates. However, that’s not all, when one talks of disturbing calmness, how can anyone ignore the loggerheads of the house Priya and Prince.

The hassle happened when Priya was in the kitchen area and Kishwer made a comment on Priya, just then Prince jumped into the puddle. Prince who is always ready and steady to go on a war with Priya then started teasing her with the word baby. Priya with all her frustration told Prince to stop but to no avail. Priya then went all the more personal and hinted at the fact that how Nora is bearing Prince with all his twisted history.

Priya did not just stop there, she then also pointed at Prince’s dwindling heart and Yuvika’s presence in his life.

Now what consequences does this heated conversation have only time will tell![/tps_footer]