Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prince Narula FINALLY Reveals On His Relationship With Yuvika Choudhary


We all know how the Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince Narula was in love with fellow contestant Yuvika Choudhary and accepted his love for her on national television. Unfortunately this brewing romance couldn’t blossom due to the early eviction of Yuvika from Bigg Boss.

But it seems that the two didn’t lose hope and the moment Prince stepped out of the Bigg Boss house as the winner things reignited between the two which was clear evidence that their love story was true and not a publicity stunt for sure.

We have seen the both posting pictures on Instagram together which has caught the media’s attention and created a buzz amongst the audiences. Though none of the two have accepted their relationship officially but the social media is a clear proof of how they both are close to each other.
However, few hours back Prince posted a special and a cute picture on his Instagram where he is seen sitting on his heels holding a girl’s hand. The caption of the picture says, ‘Need you every day, every hour, every minute, every sec because life with you is beautiful,’.

We are sure that you are wondering who the girl is but this time we have a solid proof that the girl in the picture is Yuvika.

One must surely be confused of this but look at the ring the girl is wearing in the picture, Yes! You got that right it is the same ring that Yuvika wears.

So should we assume that they are giving a green signal to their love story ?

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