Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: Things Get Ugly Mandana Karimi Abuses Prince Narula


MandanaBigg Boss 9 contestants have turned to innocent kids for the luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachche’. Just like any other kid, these contestants are also creating nuisances in the house in order to trouble the caretakers of BB nursery.

Apart from living and experiencing of being kids again, this task is not to be taken lightly as it is the luxury budget task for this week and also the nominations for this week will be decided according to their performance in the task.

The housemates play children and the daycare staff will be responsible to take care of these children with a series of guidelines that they will have to follow whatever the kids ask.

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So Mandana could not participate because she wasn’t feeling well. As earlier we exclusively revealed that due to Mandana’s extreme bad health, she would be making an emergency exit from Bigg Boss 9 house and will be hospitalized for further check ups. Prince started taunting her, to this Mandana reacts and abuses him Moron and F*** Off. Bigg Boss then declares that the task is finished. Final results are not yet out. Results will decide who will be nominated.

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