Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: When Rochelle Abused Rishabh!


Rochelle-RishabhBB9 Hotel task changed the game of the contestants in Bigg Boss 9 house. Soon after Rishabh made his entry in the house, high voltage drama was seen in the house.

The tables and game have changed, the entire house is on the one side while the wild card entrant Rishabh is on the other side. We Exclusively revealed that Rishabh is the new captain of the house who wins the task against Keith for captainship.

Prince who had heated argument with Rishabh will have another heated argument with him after Rochelle abuses Rishabh. It all happened when Rochelle asked Rishabh to shift his luggage, when he denied to do so, Rochelle abused Rishabh.

Well, this Dabaang girl is surely going to entertain you all in the upcoming episode.

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