Bigg Boss To Throw Bani J Out Of The House After She Kicked Lopamudra Raut?


We all know VJ Bani becomes all aggressive especially when it comes to her family. We earlier revealed that in the luxury budget task BB Call Centre Bani and Lopamudra got into a bad conversation. And after that VJ Bani angrily stood and kicked Lopamudra Raut.

Bigg Boss introduced a luxury budget task called BB Call Centre, wherein the housemates are divided into two teams of call centre executives and customers. The customers have to make calls to the call centre executives and make sure to irritate them. The catch is that the call centre executives have maintain their calm and refrain from hanging up the call. For the task, Manveer Gurjar, Lopa and Manu Punjabi were the executives, while Rohan Mehra, Bani and Nitibha Kaul were the customers.

Soon the round one got over, Bigg Boss decided to reverse the teams. So the executives became the customers and vice versa. And it was Bani’s turn to irritate Lopamudra but during the task Lopa said something about Bani’s mother on the phone, which left her angry. Even after Bani kicked Lopa, she did not react to the thing and not even asked bigg boss to take any action against Bani.

But since Bani indulged in a physical act with Lopamudra, will she be evicted from the Bigg Boss house? Will Bigg Boss take a strict action against Bani and evict her from the house? Only time will tell!