Breaking Bigg Boss 10: Guess Who Becomes The New Captain Of The House



Bigg Boss 10 is known for some real shocks and surprises at different levels. Just when the housemates completed the nomination task, Bigg Boss introduced another luxury budget task of the week called BB Gold Mine.  The garden area of the house was converted into a Gold Mine and as Rohan is currently the captain of the house, he became the owner of the mine while the contestants were his workers. The twist in the task is if housemates win the task, Rohan will become captain again for the next week.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss gave a secret task to Lopa and Manu to steal the gold from the treasure box. The two had to steal 50% of the gold from the box and if they successfully do this, they will get nominated directly for the captaincy task. At midnight, Lopa tries to steal gold from the box while Rohan is sleeping. Lopa continues her attempts the next day too.

Well, now it’s time for us to Exclusively reveal who is the next captain of the house. Have Lopa and Manu won the secret task or Rohan will continue being the captain? Any guesses? CLICK NEXT TO KNOW WHO IS THE NEW CAPTAIN OF THE HOUSE