BREAKING Bigg Boss 9: Salman Khan Grills Lovebirds Kishwer And Suyyash!


KIshwer-Salman-As earlier we all ready informed that Salman Khan is not going to spare any of Bigg Boss 9 contestants this weekend. As we all know during the ‘Highway’ task, Prince violated the task rules by helping Kishwer even after getting eliminated from the task. Also Kishwer broke many rules during the task in which one of the biggest was when she walked off while Bigg Boss was talking to her.

Grilling each and every contestant, Salman Khan banged Kishwer by saying that that nobody has the right to disrespect Bigg Boss and that she had violated this very rule a lot of times. No sparing her boyfriend Suyyash, Salman also said that Suyyash and Prince should stop bullying the other inmates.

Salman told Prince and Suyyash that when they charge on other inmates, it becomes very intimidating especially for girls. While Prince tried to justify his aggression, Suyyash and Kishwer maintained silence.

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Prince didn’t leave a single chance to harass Mandana while she was sitting on the cycle rickshaw during the task. He even brought out Mandana’s luggage and took out her clothes which was not only unethical towards the task. Keeping all this in mind, Salman Khan literally banged Prince for his aggressive and wrong behavior. Salman also said that he has done a very disrespectful thing in the house. He asked Prince to change his behavior from now onwards. Giving an example, Salman Khan said to Prince that what if such things were done to your sister and that what would be your reaction?

High voltage drama is coming up in tonight’s episode stay tuned to Business of Cinema to catch more exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 9!

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