Comedy Nights With Kapil: Finally Sunil Grover Back As Gutthi


Gutthi021[tps_footer]Sunil Grover rose to fame with his drag act Gutthi in Comedy Nights With Kapil. Well, the inevitable happened. Success took him by storm and he switched channels for his own show. But things didn’t workout and he returned to the show last week.

Sunil’s comeback happened as Kapil’s father in law but it seems it couldn’t garner much appreciation. We say so because Sunil will be back doing what he does best- be Gutthi in Comedy Nights With Kapil.

His drag character got a lot of fans and in fact had innumerable fan pages on social networking site. And that seemed to have given Grover the feeling that he can carry off a show all by himself. Well, the truth however was completely different.

The beloved character will return to the screen on Comedy Nights With Kapil on the forthcoming weekend in the episode where Akshay Kumar would feature with his co-star actress Tamannaah Bhatia from the film “Entertainment“.

A source from the show’s team said: “Gutthi’s return on the episode featuring Akshay Kumar would be first announced by Gutthi‘s friend Palak before Gutthi comes on stage. In the coming weeks, Sunil Grover will continue his Gutthi act as well as his new avatar as Kapil’s father-in-law.”[/tps_footer]