Did This Married TV Actor Fake Relationship With His Co-Star For Lust? Actress Opens Up In EXPLOSIVE Interview!


TV actor Mrunal Jain, known for his impressive roles in shows like Bandini, Looteri Dulhann, Hitler Didi, Uttaran and Bandhan was a talk of the town, some couple of years ago over his alleged relationship with TV actress Varsha Bhagwani. Mrunal was in a passionate affair with Varsha and then went back to his wife Sweety when everything turned out into a controversy. The actor was accused of sending lewd messages to Varsha. Varsha even sent the screenshots of their chats to a few noted names in the Industry.

Varsha and Mrunal met during a shoot and started knowing each other. They had become so close that when Mrunal’s wife heard about their closeness, she got furious and left his house. Things then turned complicated and reached till police station.

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Now in an exclusive interview with SpotboyE.com, Varsha Bhagwani spoke about hos Mrunal cheated her by getting intimate and much more like never before.

Read the full interview here:

Mrunal is happily married now, I guess…

Ghar walon ne uski zabardasti shaadi karva di thi Sweety ke saath.

I hear, you still pine for Mrunal…

I was dating him for a year. He was supposed to divorce his wife. I loved him and I still love him. Yes, I can’t forget him. I made a video on his birthday on January 9 and I sent him a video where I am seen cutting a cake for him.

Why didn’t he divorce his wife?

He obviously fooled me. He told me that his younger brother is getting married and he wouldn’t divorce her before that, else there would be a scandal in the family which will earn them a bad name. He also told me that Sweety has a divorced sister in her family, and a disclosure before his brother’s wedding about his decision to marry me would be traumatic to his entire household.

How did you meet Mrunal?

I met him at a party. We started talking on Facebook, exchanged numbers, and the rest as they say is history.

How could you fall in love with a married man? Why didn’t you hold yourself back?

Love happens. One doesn’t plan and fall in love. I was not married and I did what I wanted. He was married and should have held himself back.

So how did it go?

He used to cry in my arms saying he is not happy with Sweety. He soon told me that he wanted to have a physical relationship with me. I told him to leave Sweety and then talk to me about a physical relationship. I gave out those message to Sweety and a TV actor Angad Bathija and they spread like wildfire.

Are you telling me that you never got physical with Mrunal?

He once tried to get intimate with me in the car. After that, he started ignoring me. I complained to his wife. She left him and went away. Then, he abused me. 

 I filed a police complaint against him. By that time, I had slashed my wrists and was admitted to a hospital.

In this whole mess, I lost a TV show because the producers doubted my character.

I filed a case against him. His wife, who had returned then to him, again ran away for a month. Even he was absconding. He returned to me one day after I withdrew and started crying. His father raised his hand on him then. I was around there, and Mrunal suddenly pushed me hard.

Go on…

I went crashing on the floor.

In hindsight, I think he loved me but he was not ready to admit it because of family complications.

I called up his wife to return. The next thing I knew was that he had given out an article in the media that he was holidaying with Sweety in Goa.

I went into a depression, and it lasted for a year. Even my own family stopped supporting me. During that period, I remember sitting outside Mrunal’s house for an entire night but his father didn’t let me meet him or his mother.

What did his wife tell you as and when you spoke to her?

She said that she doesn’t have a close relationship with Mrunal, who had informed me that he has got physical with her only twice in his 3-years of marriage.

Have you met Mrunal recently?

Yes, I bumped into him in China House. He had come with his wife. I was there with my friends. We did not talk to each other. But I am in touch with his mother. She is a wonderful lady.

Do you still want Mrunal in your life?

Nobody can take Mrunal’s place in my life, not even Mrunal.