Drashti Dhami And Neerja Khemka Holidaying In The Heaven Of Earth


Priyanka-Chopra-00214[tps_footer]Heyyy friends, check out the super fun pics of Drashti Dhami with her hubby Neerja Khemka playing and jumping out of happiness in a snow cladding region. But where exactly ???

Drashti‘s bff Sanaya Irani recently got married to her longtime boyfriend Mohit Sehgal and is enjoying her stay in Maldives. And this fun of being in a different place only with life partner is pretty contagious. Don’t we all wish to escape in a place where it can be just the two and nobody else ?? Hmm.. ?? Okay.. Okay.. Calm down.. Stop with your further imaginations.


Both, Drashti and Neerja are busy enjoying the snow, mountains and have posted pics of themselves and a few friends along with them, from Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. Are you packing your bags too ??

It was reported from a close source, how insanely and lovingly Drasti and Khemu are in love and after tying the knot, drashti still has a plan of one more wedding, “Drashti admitted that she intends to marry again. Well, the thing is Drashti always wanted a destination wedding on a beach with just few people. But being the last girl from her maternal family to get married, her wedding only became a grand affair. So she has come up with a plan- of getting re-married. Of course to the same man but in a different style. She said that may be on her 5th or 10th wedding anniversary, she will get married again on a beach, may be in Goa or abroad. And she also added that the wedding will definitely be a white wedding.” Wowww !! Looks like both the bffs Sanaya and Drashti have there dream wedding destination fixed and Sanaya is already enjoying from Goa to Greece to Maldives after tying the knot and Drashti has headed to Heaven on Earth, Jammu and Kashmir with her hubby Neerja.


We wish all your good wishes come true Drashti and may you have a blissful married life.[/tps_footer]