Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Lokesh Kumari’s Weight Loss Transformation Will Leave You Amazed!


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Bigg Boss 10 contestant Lokesh Kumari Sharma looks totally different now and her transformation is sure to amaze you.

There is no denying that life after Bigg Boss changes and there have been many examples so far. Last season, even commoners got an opportunity to be a part of the reality show, which eventually changed their life in some or other way. While Manveer Gurjar became the winner of the show, other commoners got the much-needed fame. Bigg Boss 10 contestant Lokesh Kumari Sharma, who had got evicted from the show at the early stage, is a recent example of how Bigg Boss changes each one’s life.

Lokesh entertained the audience with her typical style of talking and innocence. She even managed to impress Salman Khan on the show but how exactly has her life changed now? You will be shocked to know what this Delhi girl is up to in the real world.

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We stumbled upon her Instagram account and were surprised to see a drastic change in her. She has turned more beautiful and confident than what she was in Bigg Boss 10 house. She has lost oodles of weight and has become a fitness freak, thanks to Salman Khan who motivated her to do exercise while she was in Bigg Boss house.

Her weight loss journey is surely impressive and this makes us want to see her more on the television screen. Lokesh is being spotted partying and meeting former Bigg Boss contestants but she has not bagged any show yet. Hopefully, her visible hot transformation might help her to make her career in the television industry.

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