Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: The Result Of The New Luxury Budget Task Is Literally Shocking!


Bigg Boss 10 contestants get a special surprise on Christmas as Sonakshi Sinha and Manish Paul enter the house to spread smiles. The housemates play some fun tasks with Sonakshi and Manish and they have a gala time like never before in the house. Also, Monalisa, Gaurav Chopra, and VJ Bani were much in a celebration mood as they were safe from the eviction. As it was Christmas, the trio was safe from the eviction but they stay nominated for next week’s eviction. After some fun, now it’s time for the housemates to struggle and earn their luxury budget of the week.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Bigg Boss introduced the luxury budget task of the week that was solely depended on Gaurav Chopra and VJ Bani. For the task, Gaurav and Bani had to answer few questions asked by the viewers. Hold on, there’s a twist in the game as nothing can go so easy in the Bigg Boss 10 house. The questions that Gaurav and Bani were asked by the viewers were actually asked by the housemates. Yes, not viewers but housemates had asked the questions that Gaurav and Bani had to answer in the confession room. Also, the housemates were asked to keep it secret from Bani and Gaurav. While Gaurav and Bani take those questions in the confession room, housemates sit in the living area and watch them through the TV.

Both Gaurav and Bani were totally not aware that the questions were asked by the housemates itself and not by the viewers. Once Gaurav and Bani were out of the confession room, Bigg Boss introduced next step of the task. The housemates were asked to decide if Gaurav and Bani were genuine with their answers and if they justified according to them. And guess how did the housemates react? The result of the task is quite shocking!