Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga Gets The Biggest Surprise Inside The House!


Amid all the drama, fights and much more, Bigg Boss introduces an interesting “battery” task in which the housemates will get a chance to meet their family members. Tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 is going to be high on emotions after the contestants get a chance to meet their loved ones. This task is going to leave all of them absolutely emotional and what more the housemates can ask for as a Christmas gift.

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We Exclusively reveal, Bigg Boss gave Priyanka Jagga a chance to meet her two sons but in return certain percentage of the battery will be used for the same. If the battery percentage comes to zero, the other housemates will not get a chance to meet their loved ones. Not thinking of anything for the moment, Priyanka Jagga agrees and her two sons were sent inside the house through the confession room. Priyanka could not control her emotions and burst into tears as she saw them. All the housemates looked excited and took Priyanka‘s two cute kids in arms. It was quite a joyous moment for everyone in the house.

Moreover, viewers will get a chance to see some new energy in the house rather than seeing them fighting all the time.

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