Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: After Monalisa And Gaurav Chopra, Guess Which Contestants Are Out Of The Captaincy League!


Bigg Boss 10 makers have introduced another new captaincy task for the week and for the same, the house has been converted into Kashmir for the first time on the reality show. Yes, the garden area of the house has been converted into Kashmir, fully covered with snow. The igloo houses have been placed in the garden area and every time when the snow storm will come inside the house, the contestants have to repair and paint the igloo house.

After which they have to enter the igloo house and the one who will be enter inside the igloo will be out of the captaincy league. This will continue for 7 times until Bigg Boss does not get last two contestants as the winners of the captaincy task. The last two contestants of the task will directly become the contenders to become a new captain of the house.

Earlier we exclusively revealed, Gaurav and Monalisa are out of the captaincy race while the rest of the contestants are still continuing with their fight to become the contenders of the captaincy task.

Now we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, more two contestants are out of the captaincy race. Any guesses? CLICK NEXT TO KNOW!