Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Makes An Emergency Exit After Being Hit By Rohan Mehra


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami is known for his intolerable behavior in the house. From passing personal comments on the women of the house to creating unnecessary fights and drama, Om Swami has done it all in last 10 weeks. This time he crossed all the limits to harass Rohan Mehra during the captaincy task. He even tried to strangle Rohan so that he is out from the captaincy task. However, Rohan and Manveer became the top contenders of the “toofan” task and the duo fought for another captaincy task to become the new captain of the house.

For the new captaincy task, Rohan and Manveer were given different colors of flowers that they had to fix in the given part of the wet brown sand. The duo can use their own strategies to give each other a tough competition. Amid their ongoing task, Om Swami tries to spoil Rohan Mehra’s game and starts destroying his flowers that he had already fixed it. This did not go well with Rohan and he totally lost his patience. He strongly pushed Om Swami, leaving housemates shocked.

Well, Bigg Boss has punished Rohan Mehra and things have turned worst inside the house. Bigg Boss has nominated Rohan for the whole season, which has left him badly upset. Rohan even locked himself in the bathroom and wants Bigg Boss to let him leave the show at any cost.

On the other hand, Om Swami has complained Bigg Boss that he is not able to hear anything from his one ear after Rohan slapped him. Now we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Om Swami has made an emergency exit from the house for a shocking reason. Yes, Swami has left the house as things have turned serious. Wondering why? CLICK NEXT TO KNOW!