Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami’s Disgusting Behaviour Is A Huge Loss For Housemates!


Bigg Boss 10 is getting interesting yet aggressive with each passing day. One can’t expect the day to be normal and flightless inside this controversial house. Every season there has to be one troublemaker who would give sleepless nights to the housemates and the 10th season of the show has found Om Swami. As we all know, Om Swami has managed to grab all the limelight with his disgusting behavior but on the other hand, he has helped makers of the show to increase the TRPs.

Well, Om Swami is continuing to do what he is best at and has once again created a ruckus in the house during the luxury budget task, “BB Hostel”.  From getting violent with Rohan Mehra to breaking the door of the bathroom, Om Swami has done it all during just one task. In fact, he even went on to make some disgusting comments on Lopamudra Raut’s family after she warned him to behave properly. When Om Swami crossed all the limits during the task, Manu Punjabi even headed to hit him with the table but housemates managed to stop him.

Well, amid everything, housemates forgot that due to Om Swami they have already lost the task. Yes, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, due to Om Swami, housemates have lost luxury budget task of the week and they have zero balance to earn anything. This is too sad!

Now it remains to see how housemates deal with this as they have to survive with the remaining luxury items they have with them from the last week. Well, housemates have to pay huge cost due to Om Swami and it is quite unfair.

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