Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Names Om Swami As Worst Performer And His Punishment Is Too Funny!


As we saw in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, Rohan has once again won captaincy and will also be safe from the next nomination. After much of argument, fights, cries and much more, this week’s luxury budget task has come to an end but hold on, the most important part of the task is yet to begun. Yes, We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Bigg Boss asked Rohan to name 4 worst performers of the week.

Post luxury budget task, Rohan was asked to name 4 worst performers and it was time to take revenge from everyone who were against him during the task. Without any guesses, Rohan named Mona, Lopa, Om Swami and Nitibha as the worst performers of the week.

But that’s not all, Bigg Boss then asked Rohan to take two names out of those four who he wants to send in the jail and give punishment to another. Rohan took Nitibha’s name to put in the jail as a punishment and he named Om Swami for a punishment where he had to be on the stretcher all day without eating anything. Om Swami can take anyone’s help to go washroom on stretcher and can eat only butter for food. Now that’s going to be interesting and we are totally exited to see him doing this.

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